Find your personal connection to our community in discovering what matters the most to you.

Much of Temple Adas Shalom’s community life is organized by our Temple Board and lay members of the congregation, who form committees and social groups with a variety of focuses geared to meet the needs of our members and guests.

For some, a sense of community may be attending a Social event, participating in our Sisterhood, becoming an ASTY Teen, singing in our Choir, or lending a hand with a Social Action cause that speaks to your commitment to Tikkun Olam. Perhaps it is at a grassroots level and joining one of the many committees that helps keep Temple Adas Shalom going is your passion. There is a lot you can do to make a difference in our temple community, the community in which we reside, and the greater Jewish universe.


We invite you to expand our community through your personal engagement in one of our existing committees or assistance in forming a committee that might not be offered. Additionally, we have a need for volunteers throughout the year for assistance in the office, on special events, during holidays, and with occasional back end tasks.

For a more detailed description of the committees that need assistance or areas of Temple Adas Shalom that could use your helping hand, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.


Our Caring Committee encourages and nurtures a compassionate community where we support each other during difficult times and celebrate joyous occasions together.

For a information about what our Caring Committee offers, please visit our Caring Committee page.

Choir & Music Programs

Our Temple Adas Shalom Choir is a group of fun-loving musicians—with day jobs—who play an eclectic mix of instruments and have varying singing styles that work well together.  If you play an instrument, read music, or sing, we want to hear from you.

For a more information about being part of the Temple Adas Shalom Choir, please visit our Choir & Music Program page.


Temple Adas Shalom Sisterhood is a woman’s organization which strives to help women bond together, learn from one another, and share experiences that enable themselves and their families to grow and lead more fulfilling Jewish lives.

To learn more about the Temple Adas Shalom Sisterhood, please visit the Sisterhood page on our website or to inquire about all the lovely Judaica and items we have for sale through in the Sisterhood Gift Shop, please visit our Gift Shop page.

Social Action - Tikkun Olam

Temple Adas Shalom’s Tikkun Olam Committee participates in and organizes many programs, such as feeding those in need, holding food and clothing drives, and building bridges of friendship and communication with other faith-based organizations in Harford County.

For updates on social action opportunities in our community, please visit our Social Action page.

Social Event Committee

Temple Adas Shalom provides a wide range of social activities for adults and families alike. These are in addition to programming more centered on worship or education, all of which bring our members with common interests together. Social activities may be just for fun, or they may be offered in conjunction with a fundraiser.

For a more detailed description of the various social events we offer, please visit our Social Activities page.